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Business Model 

Ariadne's Thread is a for-profit learning organization.
We provide strategic consulting and website design services. We empower our clients to exchange knowledge, gather communities, and practice socially conscious commerce. We partner with our clients on the journey into the web.

Ariadne's Thread is a virtual organization. We maintain a network of affiliate freelancers whose talents may be called upon as needed to build client-specific project teams. We enter into a shared learning process with our clients so as to create a custom solution that will feel both adventurous and comfortable.

Dr. Susan R. Dixon, Principal

Deb Gordon, Graphic Designer
Ryan Mitchell, Web Developer and Server Guru
Daniel Shedd, Information Architect
Adam Stone, Technical Advisor
Jesse Roberts, Marketing and Promotions
Zac Doob, Flash Developer

Ariadne's Thread builds teams as appropriate for projects. Associates have expressed a particular interest in the way the company works and are given first opportunity to bid for a job.

To become an associate, please contact Dr. Dixon.